Parramatta 12th October

What else can we sell to the people who already like and trust us enough to buy from us?

Good meeting this morning at the office of White Collar Blue.  When we looked at how many products/services we had available to sell to our clients, the list ranged from 3 to 30 and most had at least 10.

However when we looked at how many products we actually sold our clients the range was significantly lower, 1.1 to 2. A far cry from what we have available.

Yet most of the businesses were focused on new client acquisition? They are not alone, most businesses focus on the new instead of the old, in fact most remunerations packages reward getting new clients more than up-selling existing ones.

Author: Ty Wiggins

Converge Business develops business owners through Business Forums and Business MasterClasses runs for SME business owners across the country. These forums meet weekly lead by local Champions and work through business education resources to promote learning and relationships through robust discussion on business relevant topics. The MasterClass is group coaching with 12 - 15 members per class and they meet once a month for half an day.

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