Mona Vale 31/05/12

Value propositions today as we start the BMC (for some…again).  It really is an exercise that should happen every year, much like planning.  Or a better analogy would be like servicing your car.  Over time things get out of sync, distraction and inefficiency creep in and unless you lift the bonnet and have a good look, you could find things starting to break.

Check your business model every year – and if you can, do it with people you know, like and trust:)

Author: Ty Wiggins

Converge Business develops business owners through Business Forums and Business MasterClasses runs for SME business owners across the country. These forums meet weekly lead by local Champions and work through business education resources to promote learning and relationships through robust discussion on business relevant topics. The MasterClass is group coaching with 12 - 15 members per class and they meet once a month for half an day.

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