Insights from Leading Teams

Over the last 3 weeks we have been fortunate enough to have John Prentice from Leading Teams (also Converge Double Bay) run sessions with most of our Sydney based groups.  Leading Teams work with and develop effective and cohesive teams.

The first hurdle to get over was to get the members to see themselves as a team, which I through was very positive.  Converge is about building a community and within that community are smaller communities i.e. the groups.  The goal is to create support for our members from their fellow members.  So to start to think and act like a team is an excellent start.

John helped each group develop their team purpose and Trademark plus outline the things that are counterproductive to the group’s success.

The feedback from all of the groups was excellent, not only on the content but also the delivery, and it will be an exercise that we will look to run again at the end of the year.

Thanks to John for sharing this with us and thanks to the groups for actively participating.

Here is John’s LinkedIn profile if you would like more information.

Author: Ty Wiggins

Converge Business develops business owners through Business Forums and Business MasterClasses runs for SME business owners across the country. These forums meet weekly lead by local Champions and work through business education resources to promote learning and relationships through robust discussion on business relevant topics. The MasterClass is group coaching with 12 - 15 members per class and they meet once a month for half an day.

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